All or nothing


Have you ever wondered if what you were doing was the right thing? If you were really making the decision that would benefit you in the long run? Whether it be of monetary or sentimental value, we’ve all done it. We’ve all had to take a sort of leap of faith in one way or another. We’ve had to do it when it came time to choosing high schools, universities, courses and extracurriculars, majors, career paths, etc. We’ve had to decide on something and whether we liked it or not, we’ve had to stick with it.

Even to this day I still wonder if I made the right choices when it came to friends, school, things outside of school, and similar instances. I regret quite a few things as do many people I know. Like the fact that I should have kept my mouth shut that one time or so. We do it all the time, but what I’ve realized it’s that whether we choose our circumstances or not, we do have a choice regarding what we do with it. And as the picture says, we can give up, give in, or give it our all!

Though I may not like many things, I would never regret giving something the best I could possibly do. It means that though I took a leap of faith, I actually cared enough and  believed in myself enough to give it my all. I don’t regret joining DECA in high school because it introduced me to so many amazing individuals who’ve helped me grow. It helped me become more comfortable with public speaking (even though I still get quite nervous now, I suck it up and get it done), it showed me what it meant to become a true leader, and it gave me the push to improve.

I don’t regret many things and I could name everything I’m absolutely proud of, but that would take way too much time so I’ll just say one more. I’m very proud that I took the leap of faith and trusted my friend and sponsor Ray enough to join the business I’m in. I’m proud not because of the money. But I’m proud because I get the opportunity of a lifetime to work with the most amazing individuals I’ve ever met. They’ve inspired me to become a better me. They trust me enough to tell me their stories and to care about me enough to listen to mine. I get to work with a team of individuals who are driven and have goals and dreams that won’t ever be dampened by any one or any thing. I am so grateful because these people have truly become family. And I know that because of them, I don’t need anyone to give me the push to be better. I can do it on my own and if I fall, I know that they’ll catch me. Though there will be ups and downs, I believe in myself and my team enough to know that we can overcome it all.

So do I still wonder if I’ve made the right choices? Yes. But not when it comes to this. Not when it comes to the times when I know I’ve given it my all and then some. When I know that I’ve only had an hour of sleep and I still push to do more, that’s when I know I’ve made the right decision. And thank goodness this is one of them. So what will yours be? Will you give in, give up, or give it your all when you’re given a choice? I know that I’ll give it my everything and then some. Will you?


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