But a number

It’s actually pretty sad how bad my sleeping patterns are, but it’s okay. I’ll fix them this weekend. Maybe.

But let’s not worry about that, let’s get on to the reason why we’re here! I was actually just looking at my Facebook news feed and it got me thinking. Why does our actual age not reflect on how old we are mentally or even physically? There are 12 year olds that look like they’re in their twenties and there are people in their twenties that look like they’re 12! I look about my age and sometimes I get the occasional comment that I look much older. But when you hear my voice you’d think you’re speaking to an 8 year old child… It actually sucks most times and I get quite embarrassed when people record me because I can’t change the sound of my voice.

And on the other hand, there are people that look more mature or even their age and yet they act like children or vice versa. So what exactly is the point of an age if it doesn’t even accurately measure how old one is?

Or am I the only one thinking it? Let me know in the comments below what you think/feel!

I will admit this: I love it when people tell me that I act mature for my age and even though I love when I get asked if I’m older than I really am, I know I’d love it more as I get older when people say that I look younger than I really am. Does that make sense?


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